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Are you interested in hiring veterans and military spouses?

The Kern Vets For Hire Job Board is a great way for our Employment Partners to get connected with transitioning military members, veterans and spouses. 

Why Hire a Veteran or Military Spouse?

Whether they served four years or 25 years, each veteran was instilled with some of the most advanced training in the world, learning skills like leadership, accountability, the ability to remain calm under pressure, problem solving, and teamwork.

At all levels, service members are required to lead and be responsible for others, from watching a battle buddy, to leading a company of 100+ soldiers. They have to ensure others were doing what they were supposed to do and take responsibility when something goes wrong. This also teaches them the importance doing their part and sharing knowledge to make the team successful.

Being in the military often forces service members to be decisive and take action. They must think on their feet to create outside-the-box solutions, sometimes in life-or-death situations.


Service members are also responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, even at the lowest ranks. Each service member signs for and maintains approximately $50,000 worth of personal gear. In addition, they may be responsible for section or company gear, which can include computers, vehicles or other specialized equipment, often worth millions of dollars. They must conduct monthly inventories of their equipment and inspect its serviceability, ensuring it is properly maintained at all times.

Military spouses are also a great asset to employers. Their frequent moves, while sometimes viewed as a negative trait, means they adapt well to new environments, possess unique skill sets, and have a large and diverse network. When their spouse is away on deployment, they learn to manage a career and a family, preparing them for high-stress situations in the workplace.

Kern Vets For Hire Job Board

The main way employers are connected to our transitioning military members, veterans and spouses is through our Job Board. Click here to learn more about the Kern Vets For Hire Job Board.

After you have registered, you will be contacted by an individual from our Employment Opportunities department to discuss your company’s hiring needs and determine the best way for Kern Vets For Hire to connect you to the veterans and military spouses we serve.

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